Floristry Diploma

The industry of floristry is all about flowers. It deals with the production, design and trade of flowers of all kinds. From a single rose purchase from someone to his lover, to celebrate the birth of a baby or a funeral wreath to bid farewell to a loved one. A florist touches the highs and lows of our lives with appropriate floral design to make every important occasion blessed.

The career of a florist is a charming one, offering variety in daily work with much scope to bring out the creative artist in you. Flowers change from season to season and new cultivars are being developed; florists have a wonderful opportunity to be with a variety of natural beauties. Floristry is an industry that everyone loves and florists are proud to be a part of this creative industry.

This course is designed to support aspirants in their pursuit to learn and enhance their skills in the discipline of floristry. A florist should know about the flowers and plants he has to deal with and improve his skills in design to put it all into practice. The information along with the designs provided in this course is mainly for the beginners. Once you succeed in mastering the basic skills, your creativity can take care of the rest.


1-Floral industry 

2-Conditioning of Flowers and Flower Nomenclature

3-Elements of Design

4-The Principles of Design

5-Tied Designs

6-Arrangement Designs

7-Wedding Designs

8-Function Designs 

9-Funeral Designs

10-Seasonal Designs


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