Novel Writing and Publishing Diploma

Novel Writing and Publishing Diploma

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Writing a novel is not easy as some suppose. It is hard work but looking at the countless novels published every year and innumerable others still in print tells us a valid point: Hard work can pay off. If you are writing a novel for the first or are determined to get it published this time unlike previous times then you need to make sure you have the right technique and motivation in addition to talent. There are a variety of problems that novel writing can pose to a beginner but there’s no need to worry as Novel Writing and Publishing Diploma tells you the problems you are about to encounter and how to confront them. Every problem you are about to face is already encountered and solved by other novelists and writers, so you don’t need to waste your precious time starting from square one. Novel Writing and Publishing Diploma provides valuable tips and advice on how to prepare before starting your novel, how to write and how to refine your writing to captivate your readers. After completing the course of Novel Writing and Publishing Diploma you will not only learn how to write a novel effectively but also how to find a publisher and get your work published.

Are you an aspiring writer waiting to enter the realm of literature? Are you certain of your talent but just don’t know how to express it? Are you an exceptional writer who doesn’t know how to get your work published? This course, Novel Writing and Publishing Diploma, is your path to success.


Unit 1- Entering The Writer’s World

Unit 2- Talent and Technique

Unit 3- Getting to the Writing

Unit 4- The Hero’s Journey

Unit-5 Scheming and Plotting: Using Stories

Unit-6 Entering the World of Publishing

Unit-7 Finding an Agent

Unit-8 Preparing for Publication

Unit-9 Coping with the Business Side of Being an Author

Unit-10 Going it Alone: Self-Publishing

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