Filmmaking diploma

The online course in filmmaking from Elearn college is designed to appeal to both aspiring filmmakers and film enthusiasts who are curious to know more about the work that goes into the making of a film.This six-month course will introduce you to the art of storytelling through films, as well as demystify special areas of filmmaking, like writing, directing, cinematography, editing and composing. So if you’re looking to make your entry in the film industry, improve your skills, or simply love cinema and want to deepen your appreciation of it, this course is for you.

Through this programme, you get to explore film as a medium, enabling you to develop your own filmmaking skills required for professional work. You are given constant exposure to ambitious and innovative ideas and you get to develop concepts for films both in groups and in individual projects, in effect giving you deep insight about film production.This course is designed to meet the growing demand for freelancers, independent filmmakers and artists, and fosters creativity, versatility and awareness. This programmes will equip you with the skills required to express your ideas through a range of processes, principles and activities that will help you deepen your understanding of cinema as a creative enterprise.Through this course, you will be able to identify the themes and issues that vie for expression through films, and emphasis will be laid on experimenting and innovating. You also get to learn and appreciate the multidisciplinary nature of filmmaking, be it fictional, factual or artist film.


1.Basics of filmmaking
2.Film genres
3.The screenplay
5.The crew
7.Shooting with a camera
9.Production sound
11.The soundtrack
12.Special effects
13.Giving credit and titles


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