Feature Writing Diploma

Feature Writing Diploma



Feature involves writing where the story is presented in such a way that it invokes the readers’ interest and keeps them engrossed in it. Good feature writing is a combination of journalism practices with creative writing. The field of writing has seen rapid changes in the last few years with businesses opting for written content to brand themselves. The requirement for professionals with good writing skills is thus on the rise. Good writers are now employed in various industries including mass media.

This course will provide all the fundamentals to develop oneself into a professional feature writer. It is a detailed guide about the various techniques and skills that are essential to be employed as a feature writer or launch a freelance career. The learners will gather knowledge about research, interview techniques, building and describing the story, stylising as well as editing it. The learner will also have an insight into the interest of the readers and how to pitch a particular story to them.

This course will enable the leaner to identify and develop a story as per the requirements of the market and readers. They will emerge as professionals who can notice and mould a saleable story and be ready to be absorbed into any sector. It will also instil confidence in those who are in this competitive field.

Anyone who is looking to take up profession as a writer or a journalist can take this course. If you are an aspirant trying to make it big in the writing field, you can take this course. This course will benefit you if you are a professional. It will update you with the latest in the industry and help you be in the top of your profession. This course can be taken up by those who want to promote their business with the help of well-written content. Also take this course if writing is your hobby and you would like to polish those skills.


UNIT-1: Basic building blocks of writing an article

UNIT-2: Generating ideas

UNIT-3: Writing for an online audience- analyse tone, style (writing age), language- the web, blogs and Twitter

UNIT-4: Interviewing techniques

UNIT-5: Building your story

UNIT-6: Developing a specialism

UNIT-7: Review and pitching

UNIT-8: Basics of subbing and style

UNIT-9: How to dress an article or feature and the importance of understanding layout

UNIT-10: Copyright, Libel and Getting Paid


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