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Eight tips to master body language communication skills

August 5,2022

Body Language

Introduction to body language communication

Humans are highly evolved social animals; we interact with one another in virtually every aspect of existence. We communicate with others via various mediums, from the sneakers we wear to the way we speak are all parts of communication. It is important to have effective communication skills and successful social life; people usually focus on verbal communication skills and practice improvising them. Another form of communication is less well-known: body language communication. Body language communication skills are just as effective as any other mode of communication.

Importance of body language in communication

Professor Albert Mehrabian researched body language and communication at the University of California, Los Angeles. The results were shocking; they changed humans' traditional perspective about communication. According to the results, merely 7% of our communication comprises verbal communication, and 38% is the tone used. The rest of the 55% is body language communication. Nobody ever recognized that using body language in communication greatly impacts our lives. 

Being the best at everything we do in this competitive world is vital, especially in how we communicate. And the effect positive body language in communication can have in your life is enormous. With all the hard work you put in towards your end goal, having expertise in body language communication is essential. According to recent studies, 90% of the top performers are people with high levels of emotional intelligence. And they are aware of the importance of implicit signs in communication and are skilled in body language communication. Therefore, all credit their success in using the body language of confidence in communication.

Body language is how a person communicates with others using their body; it can be positioning the limbs, posture, or even various simple muscle movements. Here are some tips to help you master body language communication skills. 

Crossed arms or legs

This position is seen as an obstruction, suggesting that the person is not receptive to you, even if they seem smiling and involved. Research has shown that if someone shows such a sign during a meeting, the chances are very narrow that you will reach a mutual consensus. Psychologically speaking, crossed arms or legs indicate the person is physically and mentally blocked off from the situation. This action is usually unintentional; therefore, it tells a lot. So, by mastering this sign, you can read others, predict their actions, and use it in necessary situations. It is a body language of confidence, but be careful and avoid offending anyone.

A natural smile

People usually smile not to reveal what's going on in their minds. This is a body language of a confident person. When a person smiles, it gets reflected in their eyes. Genuine smiles extend to the eyes and often wrinkle the skin beneath to form crow's feet. So, if you want to know if someone's genuinely smiling, look for this indication. If you don't see it, maybe the person is trying to hide their real emotions. Mastering a natural smile is another body language communication sign that is very useful in your day-to-day life. It can help you read the minds of individuals you interact with and hide your secrets more effectively. 

Copying your body language

When someone unconsciously replicates our body language, it is a positive indicator. It signifies that the meeting or talk is progressing well. People often mirror and copy someone's sitting, walking or even talking style when they feel connected with them. It means they are open to your ideas. Observing this trait can be helpful, especially during negotiations, since it implies that the other person is genuinely interested in working it out.

body language communication

Body posture

A person's posture speaks a lot about them. Some people walk into a room and gather immediate attention; others you may not even notice. Body language has that effect; a strong posture is always a body language of confidence. And the brain equates power with the space an individual takes up. Standing tall with the shoulders back is the body language of a confident person who commands authority and respect, and encourages conversations. On the contrary, hunching your stature takes up reduced space and displays lesser influence.

The Eye contact

The eyes have an immense role in body language communication skills. Having direct eye contact with a person is a body language of confidence. And this is the reason why people ask others to look them in the eye, especially during an argument or an interrogation. And it's difficult to maintain eye contact when you're lying. However, this innate habit of humans is widely known, and many criminals and other offenders use this to evade investigating officers. Here the key to finding out is to observe overplay- the point where it starts to get questionable. And people hold their gaze longer when talking than when they listen. Typically, it is for about 7 to 10 seconds. Therefore, if you're in conversation with someone who makes you fidgety with their stare, you can be confident they are being insincere. 

Raised eyebrows

People's eyebrows go up primarily because of distress, anxiety and astonishment. And these muscles on the forehead are an excellent tool for body language communication. It can help you channel your feeling to another person effectively. And, note if it happens to someone in a chat on a topic that is unlikely to cause these emotions, it implies the person might be going through something they don't want to reveal. This 

Excessive nodding of the head

Suppose you see the other person nodding excessively and unduly between conversations. They may be anxious about your impression of them or your expectations of their capabilities to carry out directions. Therefore, it is very important to avoid body language communication. And this action would portray your incompetence and weakness in interviews and other important conversations. 

Clenched jaw

A gritted jaw, a stiffened neck or a wrinkled forehead are indications of tension. If a person shows these signs, it may imply that they are preoccupied with the cause of stress, or the discussion could be probing towards something they're anxious about. It is important to avoid body language communication like the previous one intentionally.

To summarize, body language communication is an effective way to communicate. Unlike other methods of communication, it is not intentional most of the time. And it is a weakness in many individuals; while they perfect every other aspect of their personality, this stays a weakness and drags them behind the competition. To overcome this situation, it is crucial to be aware of body language communication and master it with practice. 


What makes us humans different from other animals is our superiority in communication. These same skills will set you apart from your peers. Effective communication is the key to success in the modern world. By mastering the above body language communication skills, you will be able to excel in every moment of your life. This success formula will help you achieve heights in your future.

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