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Importance of Body Language on Your First Date

May 9,2022

Body Language

Importance of Body Language on Your First Date

Our whole character is dependent on our body language. It's one of the most illuminating aspects of ourselves. Body language is possibly the most potent communicator on a first date, where everything is shrouded in mystery. Body language communicates more than words ever will. The way we carry ourselves and everything we do with our bodies speak for us very well.

In reality, by the time you start speaking, your body has said a great deal of things. Your body language is a powerful communication tool that may make or break your relationship-building.

Below, we've laid down the top body language signs of attraction.  Utilise them as a reference point and impress your special one on your special day.

A straight commanding postures

A straight commanding posture is a part of male body language signs of attraction.  This posture projects strength and authority. This shows to the woman that the person is strong and dependable. It is also preferable not lean in even if you are in loud surroundings. It will project an excessive need for attention and weakness; better speak louder. According to famous body language expert and author Dr Louise Mahler , 'Nothing conveys confidence more than a fully energised upright body; you want to avoid bending or leaning forward, which sends a message of dread and the need for "protection,"'.

Always remember, men's body language in love is of strength; there is no place for a weak bent body posture.

On the other hand, love body language for women is different. Female body language and love signs of attraction portray weakness and dependence. They tend to lean to project attraction.

Maintain control of your breathing

Because first dates may be extremely intimidating and stressful, make an effort to manage your breathing and have a calm demeanour. As we have mentioned in the previous section, on a first date, it is important to project male body language signs of attraction.  And those are of strength and control.

According to Dr Mahler, 'when we are anxious, our breath tends to increase the tightness in our chest and neck, giving the appearance of fear, worry, or awkwardness'.

And beware, composed does not mean casual; make sure you make them feel special. It's important to not give an impression that they are talking to a casual friend.

Maintain eye contact

The importance of eyes in love body language is immense. Making eye contact communicates to your date about the interest you have for them and portrays how focused you are to get to them.

Dr Mahler says, 'Eye contact is a discipline that we all need to develop.'

The eyes mirror the heart, and it has to look the best way possible. Wear makeup or accessories such as specs or hats to make them stand out.

Always beware of going to your first date with a lousy or dirty eye; there is nothing worse.

Turn your body in the direction of the date

Facing a person straight shows respect towards them and projects the interests one has to listen to them. This straight sitting posture is a body language love signal.  This will help you improve your confidence and help you to make a memorable impression.

According to Dr Mahler 'When our hips and feet are turned away from others, we transmit a message of want to leave. Therefore, be cautious of the angle of your feet and hips and position them precisely in front of your date,'

And, when you are sitting side by side, it is preferable to turn the body towards them as a part of body language love signs.

On the first date, both the male and female would be looking for someone who is loving, caring and values the time with the other person. By sitting in a different direction, this whole perception will be lost. Forget about your knee pain the next time you go out with your new date.

Remind yourself to smile

There is nothing more beautiful and heart chilling than a natural smile. It is our natural reaction to happiness. By smiling at your date, you make them special at the very moment as it means that their very presence makes you happy. For this reason, a natural smile is a top love body language sign.

According to Dr Mahler, 'merely smiling at someone on a first date will help you appear approachable while also demonstrating confidence.'

Smiling also stimulates the production of dopamine, endorphins, and serotonin in the brain – each of these substances functions as a natural pain reliever and mood lifter, improving your general well-being, which will make your moments with the other person memorable.

 Physical touch

Skin is the largest among our five sensory organs, and it has a large part to play in your first date. Skin is capable of producing great feelings in our brain. A gentle touch on your date's hand can convey a lot to them. The warm hands can make them feel protected or cocooned.

On first dates, many men touch too much or too little (or not at all), and there is an art to knowing how to touch the other sex in a light-hearted manner without drawing attention to themselves.

There are so many things to take care of when it comes to physical touch. Grooming is the most important thing here. You should never hold your partner's hands or shoulders with your hard hands and rub the dead skins on your palm on their skin. And always manicure your nails before you go for a date. There are two advantages to it, firstly they will feel better with your touches and secondly, they will understand that you take care of your body very well.

It is also important not to make the other person uncomfortable with your touches. Always observe them before you make the next move. Withdraw yourself if they seem to resist it. Love body language is all about making the other person comfortable. Different people have different places of sensitivity, observe and make it right for your partner.

Keep Your eyes in check

As we have mentioned previously, our eyes have an important role on our first dates. Our eye movements say more about us than our words would ever say.

Women are amazingly talented at detecting gaze. This is a result of evolution. Men perceive a more expansive - landscape-style perspective, which enables them to optimise hunting opportunities. Women perceive an oval shape that enables them to observe their environment and any risks.

The first date is an occasion where everyone shows off their very best. Everyone who loves seeing their date is attracted to it and is looking at it. Nothing is more irritating than being stared at your body by the date themselves. A woman who wears a cleavage exposed dress on the first has worn it to show it to her partner, but there is a huge difference between admiring it and staring at it. If you can't distinguish between them, better save the travel and food expenses and stay at home and keep talking to her over the phone because your stare will turn her down in a moment. There is a way to do it, do it like you look at a beautiful flower and expresses your happiness on your face. A look like this will make them feel special and comfortable. A composed gaze is a perfect body language sign.

Practice body language

Body language communication is an innate part of our body and psychology. But it requires polishing and perfecting, just like our verbal communication skills.The majority of individuals go about their lives unaware of how much information they convey through their body language.

To truly grasp the concept of body language communication and become a master of the body language of love, practise it in front of a mirror or use a video camera to record yourself walking from room to room and then watch, analyse and rectify the mistakes. It's remarkable how many seemingly little acts contribute to an overall impression.


The first date is an important moment in everyone's life. Nobody wants to make it an awkward situation. At that moment, it is the body that communicates the most, and it is important to be aware of and control how the body communicates. Following the above article would help you prepare for that moment and give your date an amazing and memorable experience—all the best for your first date. Remember, let the silence speak for you this time.

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