Body Language



Body Language Diploma

Throughout the duration of this striking and insightful online Body Language Diploma course ,you will come to learn that a person is only saying a tiny portion of what they intend to communicate when speaking. With the help of the lessons in the Body Language Diploma course, you will study how the body language as well as other non-verbal communications displayed by others can be read and understood. With the help of this captivating course, you will learn to understand in a better manner what exactly is being thought by a person and what they really mean, which in reality is much more than what they actually speak. The main aim of this Body Language Diploma course is to make you adept in the skills required to become better as a communicator and reader of non-verbal communication. Through the duration of the course, you will learn about the biology of non-verbal communication and how it can be applied in real life. You will learn how to recognize different movements and signs and how to interpret said signs and movements with the help of photographs and exercises. You can become more successful in all areas of your life including your personal and professional life when equipped with this knowledge. Although body language is not something we think about as a means of communication, it is certainly something that we have noticed on a daily basis, either consciously or unconsciously. Body language, whether it is subtle motions or obvious displays, can let us know a lot about the thoughts and feelings of a person when we know what to look out for. With the help of this online Body Language Diploma course, explore all the intricate details of body language and become adept at understanding more than what people actually say.

1: Introduction to Body Language
2: Facial Expressions
3: Gestures Conveys a Range of Emotions
4: The Eyes
5: Breaking Eye Contact
6: Understanding Your Lips
7: Revealing Posture Secrets
8: All About Your Stance
9: Bridging the Social Gap