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Sports Massage

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Sports Massage Diploma

The Sports Massage Diploma Course offers guidance on everything a person needs to know, from techniques and theories on giving clients beneficial massages pertinent to their needs to establishing an individual practice and retaining clients; to build a successful career in sports massage.The course starts with the basics like what sports massage is, what makes it different from other types of massages and the history of its evolution into the profession it is today and then progresses into learning about the various subtypes of sports massages and the purpose behind each individual method.Sports massage has different effects that can be broken down into three main components, viz. Physical, psychological and physiological. How sports massage is beneficial to each area and the details about the individual benefits to the body before and after sports events are explained during the duration of the course.During the course, you will receive guidance on the various massage techniques that are in use in this therapy including Myofascial Release (MFR) Technique, Petrissage, Effleurage, Tapotement and Friction and also various other massage techniques. The Sports Massage Diploma Course will teach you how each technique works and the different methods that can be used within each technique.The Sports Massage Diploma Course will take you further than the theories and methods used in the therapy by teaching you how to utilise the skills learnt during the course in your own sports massage practice. You will learn tips on how to become successful in the profession, how to design an ambience that would be in alignment with the goals and expectations of your clients and the equipment that you would need for the same, both for day to day use as well as for specific types of treatment.To ensure that the business you run displays professionalism, competence and integrity, providing treatments that are high on quality to each and every client thereby encouraging customer retention, you will have to learn about the professional principles that have to be applied to the business and followed diligently.An area that is very important and often left unnoticed, that is covered by the Sports Massage Diploma Course is the maintenance of client records. In order to serve your clients in the optimum way, it is important that you know what information is required from your clients and how this information is treated. During the course, you will learn what information is to be collected and the legal stipulations pertaining to how the business records of your practice are to be stored and disposed.

What you will learn
1:Human muscle system
2:Sports Injuries
3:Introduction to Sports massage
4:Application Strategies
5:General Massage Techniques
6:Myofascial Release Techniques
7:Petrissage Massage
8:Sports Reflexology

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