Telemarketing Diploma

Almost everyone who work in the sales field use the phone to conduct the major part of their business. If you are looking forward to becoming successful in the sales field, then it is mandatory that your phone manners are impeccable. With the help of this Telemarketing Diploma Course you will learn phone etiquette and much more. The advantage of taking our online course is that the timings can be adjusted to suit your active schedule and you can study at your convenience. This course has been developed by experts in the telemarketing field and is divided into various easily understandable units. During the term of the course, you will learn how your active listening and verbal communication skills can be improved, to create a perfect script that grabs the listener’s attention and to plan the things that are to be done before you place a call. You will understand how any telephone sale can be made into an exceptional one. Telephones have played a huge role in sales techniques and tactics as most businesses use them to communicate personally with their prospective and current customers. Companies whose main business is sales generally manage enquiries, give out quotes, take orders and close sales negotiations with the help of phones which gives any organisation that utilises phones a distinct advantage. Certain phone calls can turn negative and create a negative impression. Hence, it is vital to understand how a phone is to be used and where its place is, in sales and marketing. How the telephone can enhance, supplement and certain times even replace the other methods used for marketing and selling, and how you can become successful as a salesperson with this personal approach is shown by this Telemarketing Diploma Course. This Diploma Course in Telemarketing can be done at the time, place and pace of your convenience and is available 24/7.

What You Will Learn

 1:Introduction to telemarketing
2:Making money as a telemarketer
3:The right sales message is critical
4:Developing the right attitude
5: Using voice as a telemarketing tool
6:The telemarketer’s agenda
7:Closing the sale