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Physiotherapy Diploma

This Physiotherapy Diploma Course provides its learners with an understanding of the skills and knowledge required to begin a career in physiotherapy. Various modules are covered, and several assessment examples are provided by this Physiotherapy Diploma. If you are a novice in physiotherapy and wish to attain a fundamental knowledge of the subject, this course will provide you with the knowledge and assistance you require. Physiotherapy is generally used in the treatment of pain, disability or illness using movement and exercise, education, guidance and manual therapy. Physiotherapists also help people who are affected with neurological disorders and injuries that call for rehabilitation services. This Physiotherapy Diploma Course is an excellent one as it suits any person who wishes to begin a career in this field or those who are just interested in learning more about it. We have broken down this comprehensive Physiotherapy course into several easy to comprehend modules which would help you to grasp easily every concept included in the course – from the basic to the most advanced features. This Physiotherapy Diploma Course is a definite path for you to become successful in this field. As a physiotherapist, you will work with people who belong to all age groups, from the young to the old, who may be suffering from a variety of ailments. Your services could be required to help with rehabilitation after they have suffered a stroke or a fall. The services they require may include massage, soft tissue mobilisation or heat therapy to help them recover from an accident, illness or a sports injury.

What you will learn
1    The Skeletal System
2    The Muscular System
3    Introduction to physiotherapy
4    Exercise therapy
5    Derived positions
6    Human locomotion (gait)
7    Hydrotherapy
8    Chest physiotherapy and Electrotherapy
9    Neurological Physiotherapy
10  Orthopaedic Physiotherapy
11  Geriatric Physiotherapy
12  Sports Injuries

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