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Sleep Therapist diploma

Insomnia and other problems affecting sleep, their causes and the remedies that can be useful to those suffering from these problems are described in The Sleep Therapist Diploma. The course also covers sleep deprivation and chronic stress and the effects these have on the health of the sufferers.During the course, you will learn how studying brainwaves can help to understand a person’s health, well-being, sleep and insomnia. You will study the four different types of brainwaves, what happens when the brain goes into each state and what each state means to you. Furthermore, the course explains about the stages of sleep that a person undergoes every night, the Circadian rhythms that are effective each 24 hours and what a human body undergoes when it does not get the required amount of sleep.The Sleep Therapist Diploma studies how sleep is affected by the intake of certain types of foods and beverages. Students will also learn how a good sleep can be disrupted by having a single nightcap and also the harmful effect smoking has on sleep apart from contributing to snoring and sleep apnoea.As an understanding of the factors contributing to sleep problems is gained, you will also study the techniques that can be used to help you sleep in a better way. One such technique is being conscious about your breathing. The course teaches you the benefits of breathing in a conscious manner and explains various techniques that can help in relaxation, lowering stress and refining your ability to fall asleep.Maintaining a sleep/stress journal can help you understand what is the reason behind your disruptive sleep pattern, what details should be recorded in the journal and how you can overcome the issues highlighted in it. You will also learn about evening rituals that can ease you into getting ready to sleep.Even though physical conditions and factors can contribute to insomnia in a person, most people are affected by stress and a lack of mental control. Detailed explanations about how meditation and hypnosis can be used for improving life, reducing anxiety and stress and overcoming insomnia are given in The Insomnia Practitioner Course. Specific methods to aid relaxation and induce restful sleep are also discussed during the duration of the course.Medicinal treatments, like prescription medicines that can be used for insomnia, when each medicine is to be administered and the commonly occurring side effects when taking sleeping pills are also discussed by The Sleep Therapist Diploma course. The course also discusses various holistic alternatives that can be considered.

What you will learn

1.What is sleep
3.Sleep Hygiene
4.Developing Good Sleep Habits
5.Sleep Medications
6.Sleep Apnea
7.Sleep Deprivation
9.Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Sleep disorders


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