Mindfulness Diploma

Mindfulness Diploma



Mindfulness is the practice of maintaining awareness of our present experience. Mindfulness can be seen as a therapeutic technique where the practitioner makes a deliberate attempt to acknowledge and accept his feelings, thoughts and bodily sensations without rushing into judgment. The definition of mindfulness may appear basic and simple but mastering the art of mindfulness takes a long journey of regular and systematic practice. The merits of practicing mindfulness are manifold and include physical, psychological and social benefits. Several studies show that mindfulness can help control negative emotions like stress and increase positive emotions. The art of mindfulness is powerful and effective to anyone regardless of age, sex and culture.

Mindfulness Diploma is designed keeping beginners in mind, but it provides numerous new aspects that may be unfamiliar to experienced mindfulness practitioners as well. After completing this Diploma in Mindfulness you will be able to practice mindfulness on your own. Each unit is a storehouse of insights on mindfulness and ways learn and explore this profound art. If you are someone who found life to be mysterious and have an inclination for philosophy, Mindfulness Diploma is the right course for you.


Discovering Mindfulness

Enjoying the benefits of Mindfulness

Nurturing Your Motivation

Growing Healthy Attitudes

Humans Being Versus Humans Doing

Getting Into Formal Mindfulness Meditation Practice

Using Mindfulness for Yourself and Others

Using Mindfulness in Your Daily Life

Establishing Your Own Mindfulness Routine

Dealing with Setbacks and Transcending Distraction