Interrogations And Confessions Psychology

Interrogations And Confessions Psychology

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Interrogations And Confessions Psychology Diploma

Confession, in the criminal justice system is very influential to the extent that it can trigger prosecutions, terminate police investigations, and convict defendants and even lead to the resistance of exoneration that has been appealed in the presence of evidence like DNA or other exculpatory evidence. The fundamental psychology of confession evidence like how suspects can be identified for investigation purposes during interviews conducted prior to interrogation; what methods can be used for interrogation purposes, why confessions are made by people to crimes they committed ( and at times to those they did not commit); what are the reactions of the judges, juries, prosecutors and appeals court to these statements; how innocent people are at risk in spite of being protected; and what are the policy implications that follow if any errors are made are studied in this Interrogations And Confessions Psychology Diploma. Drawing from both the fundamental principles of psychology and real life cases, recent forensic research conducted on the methods used for interviewing and interrogation, the impact of Miranda, truth and lie detection, false confessions and decision making by the jury will be studied during the duration of the course. This Interrogations And Confessions Psychology Diploma is designed in such a manner that students are made to think critically and factually about what causes confession evidence and what are the consequences of it.

1.Interrogation Techniques
2.Interrogation in Britain
3.The Royal Commission Research: Persons at Risk amid Police Custody
4.Identifying ‘Oppressive’ Police Interviewing Tactics in Britain
5.Theories of Reason of Confession by Suspects?
6.Why do Suspects Confess? Empirical Findings
7.Miscarriages of Justice
8.The False Confession Psychology: Research and Theoretical Issues

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