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Criminology Diploma

Criminology Diploma



Criminology is the scientific study of crime. It includes broad elements like nature, causes, consequences, responses by law enforcement and the methods of prevention. It is applicable to both individuals and groups. It is an interdisciplinary field that includes concepts and perspectives from sociology, psychology and statistics.

Even after more than two-and-half centuries since its inception, criminological theories haven’t lost its relevance even today. There were originally three major criminological schools: Classical, Positive and Chicago. These schools of thought were supplanted by various modern perspectives like cultural criminology, critical criminology, postmodern criminology, feminist criminology, etc.

However, definitions of crime vary from one society to another but all societies strive to protect people from harm and punish serious criminal behavior. This course covers the important aspects of criminology like what constitutes crime, how it is measured and what are the different types of criminal activities.


Unit 1-Defining and Measuring Crime

Unit 2-Understanding Crime

Unit 3- How crime is measured

Unit 4- Victims

Unit 5- Getting violent – Crimes of Force

Unit 6- Property Crime

Unit 7- White Collar Crimes

Unit 8- Organized Crime and Gangs

Unit 9- The Narcotic Trade

Unit 10- Terrorism


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