Restorative justice

Restorative justice

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Restorative justice Diploma

If you are employed in the schools, justice sector or in a community setting, you may be in the habit of using restorative approaches and processes as a tool to resolve conflict and repair harm. The Diploma in Restorative Justice, which includes assessing situations and evaluating outcomes, is designed to assist you to develop the skills required to use the restorative process to its full potential. Not only is restorative justice made use of in the criminal justice system, but it is also used in communities, health services, care homes, schools and the workplace.

The Restorative justice Diploma is of help to those who use restorative processes in various situations in the community and the criminal justice setting and also in custody situations. Designed to ensure that senior managers or senior practitioners get the qualifications necessary to understand the methods of delivering restorative justice and how strategies formulated to this purpose can be implemented in their work place.Taking this Restorative justice Diploma course would also help the non case working managers in managing the investigative and restorative justice teams. During the duration of the course, you will learn how strategies and systems are created, how restorative justice approaches are implemented, how to set up referral and delivery systems and also how to work in partnership so that restorative justice is delivered in your organisation or area.


1.Introduction and overview
2.Restorative principles
3.Varieties of restorative justice
4.The process of restorative justice
5.Restoration justice in the UK: the four settings
6.Reducing harm to victims
7.Criminal justice and restorative justice

4 reviews for Restorative justice

  1. Fiona Whitehouse
    5 out of 5

    Material was well put together easy to read and I found it useful to know the different setting restorative justice can be used in.

  2. Jennifer Edwards-Price
    5 out of 5

    A very informative course, that highlighted the general principles of restorative justice very well and offered scope for further application.

  3. Emma Vayro
    5 out of 5

    Brilliant course, very informative.

  4. John Baldwin
    5 out of 5

    Great course easy to follow units and very informative

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