Homeopathy Diploma

This distance learning course is the best option to gain a diploma in Homeopathy. Whether you wish to expand your borders of knowledge or looking to better your job prospects, this distant learning programme on Homeopathy is an ideal option. Convenient and flexible, it gives you the freedom to prepare for an exam or pursue a career of your choice. An added advantage is that one requires only minimum prior knowledge in order to do this distance learning course in Homeopathy. The ability to effectively communicate their knowledge, ideas and understanding by the interpretation and evaluation of the principles, practices and applications of Homeopathy are gained by the learners.The Homeopathy Diploma is tailored for those who are interested in this field and wish to acquire more knowledge in the subject and start a practice in Homeopathy.Comprising 14 units, each unit has an associated assessment attached which is designed to test the knowledge and understanding of core topics the students have learnt so far as well as to encourage them to conduct independent research into homeopathic principles, skills and applications. An online quiz conducted on the successful completion of each unit will determine their skills.By undertaking this Homeopathy Diploma course, students will gain knowledge and understanding of the underlying historical evidence about Homeopathy and its emergence as an alternative form of therapy.

1.History of Homeopathy
2.Principles of Homeopathy
3.Development of Homeopathy
4.The Nervous System
5.The Respiratory System
6.The Circulatory System
7.The Digestive System
8.The Skeletal System
9.The Reproductive Systems
10.The Immune System
11.The Limbic System
12.Homeopathic Remedy and First Aid
13.Common Disorders and Self-Help
14.Disorders in Women and Children


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