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Gluten Free Awareness



Gluten Free Awareness Diploma

Introducing the Gluten Free Awareness Diploma, a comprehensive online course tailored for individuals keen on gaining a deep understanding of gluten-free diets, celiac disease, and the benefits and challenges associated with a gluten-free lifestyle. Whether you’re someone diagnosed with gluten sensitivity or simply curious about the benefits of a gluten-free diet, this course offers the knowledge and skills you need to navigate this dietary choice with confidence.

Beginning with a thorough understanding of gluten and celiac disease, the Gluten Free Awareness Diploma unravels the mysteries surrounding these terms. It goes beyond just explaining what gluten is, shedding light on its effects on the body and highlighting the importance of proper diagnosis. By having a clear picture of these aspects, you’re already a step ahead in managing or avoiding potential health complications.

Next, the course efficiently answers one of the most common questions: “What can I eat?” With a dedicated section on what foods are permissible and which aren’t, it eliminates the guesswork for those new to this diet. Gone are the days of puzzling over food labels or feeling overwhelmed in grocery aisles.

Furthermore, the Gluten Free Awareness Diploma highlights the multitude of benefits of going gluten-free. From improved digestion to potential weight loss and reduced inflammation, the course explores how this lifestyle can lead to better overall health for some individuals.

Of course, transitioning to a gluten-free lifestyle isn’t just about avoiding certain foods. It’s also about embracing a new way of cooking and baking. To that end, the course provides invaluable gluten-free cooking and baking tips, ensuring that flavour and nutrition are never compromised. You’ll learn how to make delectable dishes without feeling restricted by your dietary choices.

Choosing the right products can be a daunting task for the uninitiated. But worry not, as the Gluten Free Awareness Diploma provides a guide on selecting the best gluten-free items in the market, ensuring you get value for money without compromising on quality.

For those who love dining out, navigating gluten-free menus can be a challenge. This course offers guidance on how to confidently select dishes and communicate your dietary needs, making dining experiences enjoyable rather than stressful.

Ensuring that you meet all your nutritional needs while on a gluten-free diet is crucial. The course offers robust advice on maintaining a balanced diet, ensuring you get all the necessary nutrients without any deficiencies.

With actionable tips and strategies, the Gluten Free Awareness Diploma ensures you’re equipped to handle the many facets of a gluten-free lifestyle. From reading food labels to choosing products and planning meals, every aspect is meticulously covered.

Lastly, but just as importantly, the course touches upon the emotional and social aspects of adopting a gluten-free lifestyle. You’ll learn effective ways of coping with gluten sensitivity and ensuring you maintain a happy and healthy lifestyle.

In summary, the Gluten Free Awareness Diploma is an all-encompassing guide for anyone looking to gain a robust understanding of gluten-free living. With its in-depth content, practical tips, and expert insights, it’s an invaluable resource that empowers individuals to make informed decisions about their dietary choices. Join this online course today and embark on a transformative journey to a healthier you.

What you will learn

1:Understanding Gluten and Celiac Disease
2:What You Can and Cannot Eat
3:The Benefits of Going Gluten-Free
4:Gluten-Free Cooking and Baking Tips
5:A Guide to Choosing the Best Ones
6:Navigating Gluten-Free Menus
7:Meeting Your Nutritional Needs
8:Tips and Strategies
9:Coping with Gluten Sensitivity
10:Maintaining a Healthy and Happy Lifestyle

Tutor Support

Course Outcomes

After completing the course, you will receive a diploma certificate and an academic transcript from Elearn college.


Each unit concludes with a multiple-choice examination. This exercise will help you recall the major aspects covered in the unit and help you ensure that you have not missed anything important in the unit. The results are readily available, which will help you see your mistakes and look at the topic once again. If the result is satisfactory, it is a green light for you to proceed to the next chapter.


Elearn College is a registered Ed-tech company under the UK Register of Learning( Ref No:10062668). After completing a course, you will be able to download the certificate and the transcript of the course from the website. For the learners who require a hard copy of the certificate and transcript, we will post it for them for an additional charge.

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