Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management



Supply Chain Management diploma

Supply Chain Management diploma examines the various facets of supply chain management and explores its importance in the successful running of a business.  Supply chain management is essential for the excellent running of businesses in these days. For all the individual companies out there, supply chain management is essential to transport their end products to customers. The student can understand the seamless movement of information, materials or money based on the response of customers.  The online course is designed for professionals working in the fields of logistics, operations management IT and procurement. It is ideal for those who seek to build a career in supply chain management.Today nobody can underestimate the importance of supply chain management in the successful running of a business. The course begins with an introduction to the basic concept of supply chain management and goes on explaining the various components, its benefits for individual companies, the human resources, and the infrastructure which is essential to supply and transport products to customers.It also explains how members in a supply chain move products or materials to customers in response to demands. The course delves deep into the various elements of supply chain management and the major principles and concepts behind it. The primary objectives of supply chain management, the various challenges and the trends in the industry are covered in the course. Other major areas covered include agile supply chain management, lean supply chain management, and SCM dynamics.The course also contains the various techniques and tools for the design, plan and implementation of SCM. One cannot underestimate the benefits of supply chain management in ensuring the quality, business profitability, customer satisfaction, and better operational efficiency. However, since supply chains comprises of multifaceted processes and many stakeholders, a thorough understanding of the various processes of supply chain management is essential. This course will enable students to learn various phases of supply chain management and make them a successful professional.

1. Introduction
2. Process, Process flow and Flow Components
3. Decision Phases & Performance Measures
4. Strategic Sourcing
5. Pillars of Make Vs Buy
6. Network Design
7. Inventory Management
8. Pricing & Revenue
9. Integration
10. IT in SCM
11. Important Types