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Detox Specialist

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Detox Specialist Diploma

Detoxification, commonly known as detox is the natural process of improving and optimizing the ability of the body to dispose of toxins on its own.A nutrition consultant who specializes in the assessment and consultation for a detoxification diet is known as Detox Specialist. The Detox Specialist is responsible for conducting the dietary assessment necessary to determine whether a patient is eligible for detoxification and if necessary chart a detoxification plan for the patient that includes a diet and exercise plan and a change in life style, help the patients to complete the plan and follow up based on the outcome of the plan.On successfully completing this Detox Specialist Diploma course, students get an opportunity to begin their career in the role of a Detox specialist. As a Detox specialist, students can be consulted by clients wherein the clients would be assessed, and based on their needs, suggest and sell various products related to health. Enrolling for higher level nutrition programs would help the students to continue their education. Doing so would not only make them more knowledgeable about nutrition, but also enable them to be certified to provide new and varied services.


1: Introduction to Detoxification
2: Managing Different Types of Toxins and Their Effects
3: Discovering the Sources of Toxins
4: How Your Body Detoxifies Itself
5: The Basics of Detoxing Your Body
6: Understanding Toxin-filled and Generally
7: Boosting Your Immune System

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    5 out of 5

    This course for detoxification was wonderful. All topics were treatment very well and with a deep understanding. This course was very suitable for everyone which it is interested to learn in conjunction with detox process, who are damage substances for our body, toxins and their effects etc.

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