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Fashion Design Diploma

Making a name for yourself in the fashion designing world means gaining entry into one of the most exclusive, prestigious and rewarding career options in the world. You can let your creativity soar by creating your own label or join some famous fashion houses and rise through their ranks. This is a career choice that has absolutely no limits for those who possess the required skills, creative talent and a determination to succeed.        

Prepared under the expert guidance of fashion experts in the industry, this Fashion Design Diploma has been tailor-made for those who look forward to transform their passion for fashion into an exciting life-long career. This course is ideal for those who have the flair for creativity in abundance and a willingness to do hard work in order to achieve their goals. It helps amateurs become professionally qualified fashion designers the industry is always on the lookout for. Whether you are already on your way to establishing yourself as a successful designer or are yet to learn the basics of dress-designing, this comprehensive diploma could be your means to achieve your dream career.

This Online Fashion Design Diploma will teach you the basics of sewing, garment construction, fabric selection, techniques of fabric handling, application of the knowledge of fabrics, co-ordination of colour and texture, monitoring quality and fit, fashion sketching, techniques of marketing and retail fashion production. Beginning with a broad overview of the fashion design industry as a whole, this online fashion design diploma explores the history of contemporary fashion design and also an introduction to contemporary trends. What follows is a detailed investigation of key design elements and principles followed by an introduction to dressmaking and sewing. The course ends with an overview of the important steps that are involved in setting up and running a fashion design business, ultimately equipping you to achieve success in this dynamic industry.

The Diploma in Fashion Design prepares students for the real world of professional designing by teaching them how to run their own fashion design business in a professional and profitable manner.

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