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Aromatherapy Diploma

Using the concentrated essences of plants, Aroma therapists motivate the body to bounce back to a state of wellness. Essential oils can be used for relaxing the body, stimulating it or uplifting it. But, what is not realised by most people is that apart from helping to mend the physical body, they affect the emotions of the people too. In the present day, aromatherapy is seen as a valuable way to treat illnesses related to stress. Learners will gain a detailed understanding of complimentary therapies irrespective of whether it is for themselves or for friends and family by enrolling for this online Aromatherapy Diploma Course. Introduction to the topic, discussing key skills and knowledge about aromatherapy and discussions about chakras, diseases and much more will be covered during the duration of the course. Using practical examples, students will be taught how to work with clients whose needs vary. This is the apt course for you to enrol in if you are a person already practicing aromatherapy or wish to start working in the field of aromatherapy or just wish to learn more about the subject as it covers a variety of modules and provides a number of examples for assessment.

1.History of aromatherapy
2.Introduction to aromatherapy
3.Understanding the capabilities of essential oils
4.Uses of Essential oils and massage techniques
5.Complete guide to essential oils (Part-1)
6.Complete guide to essential oils (Part-2)
7. Essential oils-A to Z For ailments

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