Acupressure Diploma

Reflexology is a therapeutic method in which reflex points on the hands and feel are massaged to stimulate nerve endings that send messages through the neurological pathways to treat and heal all or various parts of the body. Acupressure too has acupoints and meridian pathways through which body’s life energy can be set to balance. Reflexology and acupressure are compatible and can be seen as complementary systems.Maximum results are obtained from the combination of reflexology and acupressure when the energy release aids the healing process in the body. Acupressure Diploma teaches how reflexology and acupressure can be combined to optimize health benefits.Acupressure therapists and reflexologists both benefit from Acupressure Diploma as this course teaches them to combine both to yield powerful results. Not only professionals, but anyone who is interested in learning to know about either of the two disciplines will benefit from Acupressure Diploma.Everyone without exception at a certain point in life encounters certain bodily aches and pains and Acupressure Diploma teaches you how to prevent and minimize such health issues. Acupressure Diploma also reveals easy-to-do techniques that can be employed when you have an ache or pain has just begun or has started to bother you for quite some time.


  1. Introduction to Acupressure and Reflexology
  2. Healing yourself or others
  3. Preparing for healing session
  4. The Healing Touch
  5. Seeking Professional Help
  6. Maintaining Good Health
  7. Balancing Good Health
  8. Treating Emotions
  9. Putting Your Right Foot Forward
  10. Healing the leg and hip regions