A guide on animal communication

A guide on animal communication

A guide on animal communication

 There are different types of communications in the universe. But ultimately communication is possible through vibrations and pictures. In the case of animals, they are experts at telepathic communications. Even human beings are capable of telepathic communications. But due to the over burden of languages and other worldly additions, we have almost forgotten telepathic communication. Like many of our hidden skills, we have blocked this unique ability to communicate through telepathy.

Do animals communicate?

If you examine animals, for instance your pet dog, you will be surprised to see how well it is able to communicate to you through telepathy. The philosophical approach to communication, especially that of with animals, is very simple and based on natural harmony existing between each organism living on the earth.

How do you relate to or revive this unique ability of communication sleeping within you? For example you would like to communicate with your pet dog and find out what he would like to have for lunch. Firstly, breathe and meditate for a few seconds. Send the animal a picture of his empty bowl and carefully wait for his response. The response may come as a picture or a feeling to you instantly. If you get the picture of a bowl with meatballs from him then you should know that it is what he would like to have for lunch.

But you should take the first picture that comes to your mind. First time when you are doing this exercise you will get a lot of confusing pictures and all that you have is to go with trusting what comes first in your mind. But if you continue to practice it, then it will be easier and clearer for you. All you have to do is to go ahead without doubting your gut feeling. Always believe that if the feeling comes to you without much effort and naturally then it is true and go with it.

Do animals use language to communicate?

One thing that makes us human beings different from the other animals and plants is that they don’t have the reasoning ability. This is because of the machine called mind that is always working within us. It works as a tape in our head and always keeps talking. We listen to it and make decisions accordingly. However, plants and other animals do not have this ability. That’s why it is said that they truly live in the present while we have memories from the past recorded in the tape that is leading us forward. Since they do not live in the past, they have no records of past in their memory it and no words playing around in their heads, it is easy for them to engage in telepathic communication.

How do you communicate with animals?

If you ask them a question they will respond if they understand it and think it is important. Another important factor is that they are able to hear what is going on inside your head and all the talking you do in your head. So, if you think about someone or something angrily when you are around them, they will be able to sense it clearly. They might think that it is because of them that you are angry or sad and respond accordingly. So you should be careful about what you think when you are around your pets.

You can practice this unique animal communication technique. Start off with something fun that will not be stressful for you. Do not practice it when you are stressed or upset because you will not be able to communicate. Do it as a fun until you get it properly. It is always better to start with an animal that you are not very familiar with, perhaps your friend’s dog, because since you must have already developed a pattern of animal communication strategy with your pet it would be difficult to change it immediately. Start off with an unfamiliar animal and see the result. You will be truly surprised.

You can try this out along with a friend having pet at home. Each of you can try out the other person’s pet and feel the magical result of animal communication effect. Do not use this telepathic communication to punish them or discipline them. If you want to know whether the pet has done something, then ask. You will get a reply. It is important to create a trustful ambience. Also make sure you don’t ask the same question repeatedly because you didn’t get a reply. Understand that the brain may not always be able to process all the information it receives and deliver the answer immediately. So be patient and don’t repeat the question.