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Animal Communication Diploma

The term ‘animal communication’ may conjure up notions of animal behaviour and animal body language. But it goes much beyond that. All human beings possess telepathic abilities that enhance interspecies communication; but many people are ignorant of this fact and do not recognize that animals are waiting for them to make a connection with them.

Animal communication means the transmission of messages between you and an animal by means of telepathy and intuition. It has several benefits like understanding and resolving an animal’s behaviour as well as health, communicating with your pet when you are not home, identifying the source of happiness of your pet, locating a missing animal, strengthening your connection and relationship with an animal, etc.

With the help of our intuitive thoughts we mentally transmit messages to animals and this process is known as animal communication. The messages may include emotions, thoughts, experiences and images. It is not the type of communication in which you try to figure out their feelings or needs with the help of their body language and behaviour. Professional animal communicators can even communicate with animals from a distance.

Animals are skilful at intuitive communication. They communicate intuitively among themselves and sense surroundings and humans with the help of intuition. On the other hand, human beings’ intuitive ability is a little suppressed by urban culture and busy lifestyles. Even though humans use their intuition knowingly, it is unconscious and uncontrolled.

Therefore, intuitive people are gifted people. As we all possess intuition within us, we could train ourselves to communicate intuitively. If you have an interest in animals and you care and love them, it is assumed that you are connecting with animals without knowing it yourself. A deep study on this subject and practice will help you develop a professional approach towards animal communication. It is commonly believed that animals are inferior to us intellectually, emotionally and spiritually. The concept of intuitive communication challenges this belief.

Before learning animal communication, you must believe in your heart and in your ability to do interspecies communication. All of us can do this and it is not confined to the gifted. You should learn to keep your mind calm and quiet to hear the soul voice of your pet or some other animal. Meditation will help you keep your mind calm.

Keep in mind that animal communication is not a replacement for veterinary care. But it will help you understand and strengthen the relationship with an animal.

This course on animal communication will help you comprehend the important aspects of animal communication. It will give you an insight into the importance of animal communication, two-way conversations, life lessons from other species, what to ask, how to ask and when, communication sessions, healing thoughts, long-distance communication, life beyond death, communication with wild animals, etc.


Why Talk with Animals?
Two-way conversations
Lessons from species
What to Ask, How to and When
Communication sessions
Healing thoughts
From a distance
Beyond the here and now
Wild talk
Various veterinary conditions and treatments