Conflict Resolution

Conflict Resolution



A conflict is a disagreement or argument that is usually serious and protracted in nature. Every person is unique with his own ideas and opinions. Therefore, it is only natural that when two or more people get involved in an activity, disagreements are bound to rise. As long as people respect the ideas and opinions of others and don’t find it difficult to follow the ideas that contradict the ones they hold, everything will move smoothly. A disagreement becomes a real conflict when people not only stick to their own beliefs and opinions and but also refuse to cordially agree to differ.

Workplaces usually provide a divergent environment where people of unalike natures meet and collaborate. Disagreements with co-workers can be seen everywhere, be it an office, retail store, factory, or a non-profit organization. If the workplace provides a setting for at least two people, differences in opinions are bound to arise. This is admissible until the differences and disagreements lead to a conflict. Conflicts can create a difficult atmosphere for all parties involved in it. This can further lead to reduction in their performance level and waste of valuable resources like time. Conflicts if kept unresolved for a long time can be disastrous to the existence of the business.

Nonetheless, not all aspects of conflict are harmful. Handled the right way, conflict can actually create positive changes and make way for new opportunities in your business. Successful conflict resolution is, however, not always easy unless you have exceptional management skills.

Conflict Resolution Diploma addresses the common causes of conflict at workplaces and discusses how to resolve them with effective mediation and philosophy. Conflict Resolution Diploma offers a great opportunity for managers to effectively cope with conflict arising between peers or involving subordinates and superiors. Conflict Resolution Diploma is also beneficial to employees who face difficulty in negotiating with other parties and feel they should be ready to face conflicts which may arise in the future.


Unit-1 An Overview of Conflict Resolution at Work

Unit-2 Understanding What People Bring to Conflict

Unit-3 Determining How Groups Contribute to Conflict

Unit-4 Practicing Self-Awareness: Understanding How Managers Foster Conflict

Unit-5 Knowing When to Address Conflict

Unit-6 Developing a Plan and Preparing for a Meeting

Unit-7 Starting a Mediation Meeting and Creating a Working Agenda

Unit-8 Negotiating Possible Solutions to a Conflict

Unit-9 Offering Proposals and Crafting Agreements

Unit-10 Adapting a Conflict Meeting for the Entire Team


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