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Sports Nutrition

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Sports Nutrition Diploma

Irrespective of whether you are a professional athlete or just a fitness freak, this online Sports Nutrition diploma will be an ideal choice. It will give you sports nutrition advice that helps you gain a deeper understanding of the main nutritional areas and also how to keep a healthy, well-balanced and supportive diet. And you can achieve the level of fitness you aim at or maintain the level of fitness you have already achieved.

You have to make right dietary choices which will help you make your training or fitness regime perfect and reach your goals in a quicker and more effective manner. This course provides you with all the information about sports nutrition which will enable you to plan your daily fitness diet.

This course is meant for those who regularly exercise or take part in regular training sessions and wish to know more about the best diet suitable for their performance. No prerequisites are required for the course which is suitable even for beginners.

This course will teach you the basic principles of nutritional science in relation to exercise and sport, understand the relationship between diet and sports performance on a deeper level and learn to apply sports nutrition principles to the science of exercise.

Sportsmen or women don’t want to leave anything to chance while preparing for a competition. Those who are very serious about their profession seek good, sound nutritional advice. For them planning for an event assumes greater significance just like psychological and physical preparation.

Therapists specialised in sports nutrition would find this course immensely helpful. It delves deep into the role played by each nutrient group and the various sports into which each group can be included.

There are some athletes and fitness enthusiasts who fail to understand the impact food has on training and performance. A well-planned eating strategy will bring about a positive effect on fitness, recovery and competition. It also reduces the risk of illness thereby helping you achieve optimum results. An analysis of sports nutrition based on evidence is provided during the course. The course provides you with the skills and knowledge required for you to achieve your sports nutrition and athletic performance goals.


Energy for exercise

Fuelling before, during and after exercise

Protein requirements for sport

Vitamins and minerals

Sports supplements


Body fat and dietary fat

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