Social Psychology

Social Psychology



Social Psychology Diploma

Social psychology is the study that deals with social interactions and understanding individual behaviour in the context of a society or social group. It covers human behavioural aspects like how we think, feel and act in the actual, imagined or implied presence of other people. Social Psychology Diploma helps you understand your behaviour by understanding the larger picture of human behaviour. The complete range of interesting topics and phenomena in social psychology is addressed in this Diploma course. Interestingly, Social Psychology offers an overview of the inspiring and dynamic area of psychology without any technical terms or jargon, making it easily understandable for anyone without much exposure into the scientific field of psychology. Social Psychology Diploma is an essential course for teachers, counsellors, psychologists and anyone interested in human mind and communication.


1.Introduction to Social Psychology
2.Learning the Territory of Social Psychology
3.Different Tools of social psychology
4.Worrying Atoms of Social Psychology
5.Revealing Implicit Attitudes and Associations
6.Behaviour and Attitudes
7.Few Perennial Question
8. Looking at Self-serving Bias
9.Attributing Causes to People’s Behaviour
10.Making Judgments


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