Anger Management Diploma

Anger Management Diploma



Anger management is a training to keep your anger under control by learning the skills and techniques to remain calm and composed. Anger is considered as a negative emotion which results from frustration or in order to protect ourselves from other vulnerable feelings. Factors like stress, abuse, physical and mental taxing can all act as triggers of anger.

Anger Management Diploma deals with anger management lessons so that people can lead a life free of anger and related negative emotions. Anger is an active emotion that urges the person to respond immediately and the response in most cases is unfavorable. Anger can lead to problems both to the instigator and instigated and that is why it is essential to keep it in control.

There are many ways to prevent and control anger and in turn remove the unwanted and unpleasant reactions concerned with it. These anger controlling techniques include ignoring it and forgiving the instigator. Getting adequate sleep, sufficient exercise and a balanced diet can sometimes act as tools to prevent anger. Relaxation, breathing exercises, cognitive restructuring and imagery are all examples of anger management techniques.

Anger Management Diploma is helpful to all professionals like mental health counselors, social workers, psychologists and psychiatrists. People who have trouble managing anger will also benefit from Anger Management Diploma.


1. Anger – The universal Emotion

2. When is Anger a Problem

3. Is Anger Poisoning your life

4. Taking Immediate Action

5. Speaking out in anger

6. Keeping your cool

7. Adopting a new perspective

8. Saying What you Feel

9. Confessing your Anger through Emotional Journaling

10. Becoming a Type B