Shiatsu Practitioner

Shiatsu Practitioner



Shiatsu Practitioner Diploma

The Shiatsu Practitioner using a firm rhythmic manner exerts pressure on the body at particular points that are designed to stimulate the meridians with the help of fingers or thumbs. Shiatsu integrates creative ways to use the whole body that includes stretching and leverage. Professional training in every area of Shiatsu practice is offered by the Shiatsu Practitioner Diploma Course. Tension of the body, in Shiatsu practice is viewed as the stagnation of bodily flows along blood vessels, lymphatic ducts, nerves and meridians. Poor diet, lack of exercise, stress, alcohol and drugs are all factors that contribute to the stagnation in a significant way. These physical pressures or blocked emotions block the normal homeostatic mechanism of the body leading to restrictions in the proper functioning of the body. Such distortions or blockages can either lead to a surplus of energy called “Jitsu” (excess) or a less active condition “Kyo” (empty). A holistic perspective of health that also includes the effect of diet on the human body and how it can affect health goals constructively is provided by the Shiatsu Practitioner Diploma. Considered reflections of the internal functioning of the body, the “tsubos” or pressure points are also used for diagnosis as well as treating purposes. The focus of treatment is not only to relieve pain or discomfort but also to react quickly to the tensions and toxicities that arise in the body before they can develop into diseases.

What you will learn
1.What is Shiatsu
2.Our Energetic Constitution
3. Practical Details
4.Kyo and Jitsu
5.The Energetics of Food


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