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Retail Management



Retail Management diploma 

This comprehensive online Retail Management Diploma Course provides students with a complete education in the art and science of retailing from fashion to food and financial services to consumer goods by equipping them with knowledge specific to the retail industry as well as necessary management skills.Dealing with the supervision of selling products directly to clients through shops and markets, the disciple of Retail Management is in close relation to the other economic areas like marketing, advertising, international business, logistics, operations management, consumer science and others.From a small operation run by one man to large multinational organisations, retail businesses can vary in size. A vivid array of retail outlets have now been produced due to the increasing demands of the consumer. To manage a retail outlet, a person has to acquire certain specific skills. Major retailers have played a part in designing this course to help students learn the skills required to manage a retail outlet in a quick and convenient manner.

Irrespective of the purpose of doing the course, whether it is to enter the retail trade by establishing a small business or gain more knowledge thereby paving the way for further studies in the subject of management with an aim to gain access into a retail organisation at a higher management level, this Retail Management Diploma Course is the perfect tool for learners who wish to acquire knowledge in the field of Retail Management. Each and every module is filled with useful information that makes it easy for the learner to learn the skills required to enjoy a successful and fulfilling career in the retail industry.

1: Introduction to Retailing
2: Retail Segments
3: Problems in Retail and Theories
4: Knowledge about Retail Customer
5: Retail Market Segmentation & Strategies
6: Retail Business Area
7: Merchandise Management
8: Retail Business Activity
9: Retail Space Management
10: Retail Marketing
11: Emerging Patterns in Retail


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