Dental Practice Administration

Dental Practice Administration



Dental Practice Administration Diploma

This Dental Practice Administration course will enable you to work in a competitive environment as it combines the clinical knowledge as well as the office administrative skills, two important skills necessary to work in a dental practice. You will learn dental office techniques like the preparation as well as maintenance of client record-keeping, appointment scheduling, dental insurance, inventory/recall systems, accounting and computer operation, etc. Also on the menu is oro-facial anatomy, terminology and fundamental clinical dentistry theory.

This Dental Practice Administration course is designed to provide learners with an introduction to the occupational knowledge and attitudes that are required for practice management. This course is suitable for people who are already into practice administration role, or for those planning to take up such roles. Dental Practice Administration Diploma gives students the opportunity to build up an understanding of the core knowledge, which will help them become successful practice administrators. The course module provides an in-depth understanding of the application of different management and administration styles and theories, management functions and various responsibilities, the decision-making process and the principles of managing business and also focuses on ways to enhance individual performance. Overall this course will help one grow professionally and develop the right attitude to meet everyday challenges in dental practice management and administration.


Understanding the Culture of Dental Care

Dental  Team

Communication Skills

Understanding Patients’ Rights

Workplace Safety

Managing the Appointment Book

complaints and Administrative systems

Patient Payment Plans

Computers in Dentistry

Dental charting

Planning and Managing Dental Services


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