Professional Palmistry

Professional Palmistry




Professional Palmistry Diploma Course

This course provide a detailed knowledge of Palmistry, which is the name given to the art of characterization and foretelling of the future by studying the palm. Hand analysis, also known as palm reading, is practiced throughout the world and has the same principles although there are various cultural variations. Palmistry is not just about studying the lines on the palm, but it also includes understanding the shape of the hands, fingers, nails, mounts and other formations that may appear on the palms and fingers and then interpreting them accordingly. In order to become a professional palmist, a person needs to understand the importance of the primary and secondary lines on an individual’s hand. In palmistry, there is no right or wrong answer; instead it can give guidance to making the right choices in life. The palm shows us a map of the individual’s life and it depends on the individual to make the most of their life by understanding themselves better so that they make better decisions that influence their future in a better way. This theory is further confirmed by the saying “Your future is in your own hands” which we hear people quote very often. We realise this to be true when we better understand the minute details involved in Palmistry. With this understanding we also realise the importance and usefulness of palmistry. This ancient science is so enthralling that it captivates the minds of even those who do not believe in it. Having a knowledge of this subject and possessing the skills required to practice it can be useful in helping oneself and others to understand why “we are the way we are” and also provide the guidance required to take apt decisions for the future. Taking this course is the start of an exciting and enthralling journey into the world of professional palmistry. If you are a person who looks forward to amazing friends and family by giving accurate palm readings and are seriously looking forward to becoming a professional palm reader, then this is the course for you. Taking this course will make you the most popular person at any social gathering.

The course is a comprehensive one as suggested by the title. Students who finish the course and the subsequent examination successfully can begin to practice as professional palmists. If you are new to the subject of palmistry or are looking to improve your skills, then this course is a must for you.


Unit-1 Types of Hands

Unit-2 Hand lines

Unit-3 Thumb Types

Unit-4 Fingers

Unit-5 The Mounts

Unit-6- Psychic Ability

Unit-7 Talents and careers

Unit-8 The Degrees of The Palm

Unit-9 The Intuitive Pendulum



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