Numerology Diploma
Numerology deals with studying numbers, their meanings and the role they play in our lives. People resort to numerology to deepen their understanding of themselves and identify how to deal with relationships. It can demonstrate your qualities and shortcomings, hindrances you have to beat, your abilities, internal necessities and passionate responses. A few numerologists utilize numbers to decide the best time for significant occasions.
This very informative course will guide through each stage of this area of knowledge, so that once you have completed the Numerology diploma course you will develop an affinity for certain numbers, and you can even make meaningful use of them in your life. Among the things you will learn in this course are the numerical significance of your birth date and the role numbers play in your destiny, character, soul and personal growth. You will also be enabled to help others through the knowledge you gain through numerology.
Regarded as one of the occult sciences, students of numerology should keep an open mind and be willing to probe a little deeper into what might seem mundane. Students of other occult courses like astrology, tarot, palmistry and psychic development will also enjoy this online diploma. This Numerology Diploma course is self-paced, which means you can pursue it at your own convenience. Also included in the Numerology diploma course is an assessment with multiple choice quizzes.

1 – Pythagoras (582 B.C. – 507 B.C.)
2 – The roots of numerology
3 – Introduction to the mysteries
4 – Prelude to letters
5 – The alphabets (part 1)
6 – The alphabets (part 2)
7 – The alphabets (part 3)
8 – Prelude to numbers
9 – Numbers
10 – Master numbers