Pet sitting



Pet sitting Diploma

If you have ever dreamt of pursuing a career working with animals and was not sure how to go about it, here is a course that you would love to do. A diploma in Pet Sitting allows you to work with animals closely and understand them better. As a pet sitter, you have to perform a number of tasks including feeding, bathing, grooming and walking of pets during scheduled times. Upon completing this course, you can start own business or work for someone. You can take up part time or full time job as a pet sitter. All that you have to do is to look after pet animals and have fun being with them. Pet sitters are on high demand especially when the pet owners are on holiday or at work. It is when they need someone to take care of their pets. There are specific timings for walking and feeding the pets. You will have to work accordingly. If you are good with pets, you will also be able to understand what causes certain behavioral problems in the pets and can suggest remedies. In some cases you may also have to stay overnight, especially in circumstances when the pets need more care and comfort. In some cases, pet sitting includes only feeding and walking, but in other cases the responsibility also includes grooming and bathing as well. With the growing interest in pet animals, there is huge opportunity for pet sitters on part time and full time basis and are paid well too. Those who work in the metropolitan regions are paid better than the ones in rural areas because of the affluent clientele in the metropolitan areas. Anyone with an interest to work with animals can take up the course. Pet sitting, however, is not an easy job and has to be taken very seriously.   This course in Pet Sitting equips one with sufficient knowledge regarding animal behavior and various aspects involved in the caring of pet animals.

1.Training Puppies
2.Training adult dogs
3.Cat training
4.Bird Training
5.Fundamentals of Dog Walking and Pet Sitting, step for setting up the business
6.Out and About Professional Dog walking
7.Disease, Health and Hygiene
8.Handling and getting around with your pets
9.Specific information on dogs and cats
10.First Aid