Horse Care and Stable Management

Horse Care and Stable Management

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Horse Care and Stable Management diploma

Horse Care and Stable Management diploma covers all the areas of stable management and equips the student with all the information necessary for a career in the equine industry. All the vital information that a student requires to operate a stable efficiently has been incorporated into our Horse Care and Stable Management diploma Course. All the various aspects of taking care of your horse or horses which also includes horse psychology and exercise is covered during the course. This qualification provides the student the encouragement to enhance their employment prospects by giving them the foundation required to the industry.

This is the ideal course to take if you have ever been interested in knowing and learning about effective stable management and horse care. This course is designed in such a way that the students are equipped with the skills necessary to take proper care of the horses in a training, breeding or boarding facility. Beginning with a review about the knowledge about horses and the basics of how to handle horses properly, the students go on to learn to all the various conditions that affect horses, from health care to their maintenance and the choice of equipments to be used. Apart from learning how to use various restraints and oral medications, students will also examine the alternative healing therapies available. Designed in a manner that allows students to pursue a programme that reflects their interests and experience, this programme covers the various aspects of equine management thereby equipping students with the skills required to manage and run their own equine business.

1.Nature of Horse
2.Problems of Domestication
3.Safe Horse Handling
5.Feed and Water: General Nutrition
6.Foot and Hoof Care
7.Horse Care Conditioning in Various Seasons

1 review for Horse Care and Stable Management

  1. Jodie Hoyles
    5 out of 5

    i really enjoyed doing this course. I do struggle taking with learning but i found that it really broke things down for me. ive never done an online course before and ive just passed this one and looking for the next one to do.The good thing too is i have a yard , 3 horses, my hubby works away, kids and kids clubs i was able to do this in my own time which i really needed so there was no added pressure. Thank you so much. Highly recommend

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