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Pet Grooming Diploma

Pet grooming is concerned with taking care of physical appearance, cleanliness and hygiene of a pet. Pet grooming is of utmost importance in various pet competitions that take into consideration the appearance and well-being of a pet. A pet groomer is someone whose livelihood depends on grooming pets especially dogs and cats.

Grooming of pets is essential for their well-being and is believed to increase their lifespan. All pets especially furry mammals require grooming on a day-to-day basis. Nonetheless, grooming requirements can vary from one pet to another. They may depend on the breed, age and health of the pet. Regular grooming makes the owner of the pet feel good about the pet and about himself.

The main distinguishing factor between traditional grooming and creative grooming is that the former follows a systematic approach conforming to the standards set by the official breed associations whereas the latter is more of an art that gives a pet a fashionable appearance usually matching the demands set by the owner according to his amusement or lifestyle choices.

The main health benefits of regular grooming include reducing the chance of health problems like skin diseases and attack of external parasites. It also helps monitor cuts, swelling, etc. that may otherwise go unnoticed. Moreover, there may be other changes in the pet’s body that may be indicative of illness and these changes go unnoticed if daily grooming is not carried out. 

All pet lovers whose population is growing require technical and practical knowledge about grooming and care of pets. This course intends to provide information on the coat types and breeds of dogs ,cats and other common furry mammals, pre-grooming and general care and detailed clipping and grooming  techniques. This course is a guide to all that you need to know about pet grooming from brushing the hair to bathing the dog and cutting the nail. This course would be of great help if you are planning a business or career in pet grooming. If you are the owner of a pet dog and would like to know everything about dog grooming, then also this course would be of immense help.


1.Pet Grooming History

2.Initial Preparation

3.First aid – CPR & Heart massage

4.First aid – Heat stroke, Electric shock

5.The most frequent disorders – Eczema, Ringworm, Dandruff 

6.The most frequent disorders – Scabies, Otitis, Conjunctivitis, Plaque

7.Working Tools

8.Psychology and bathing

9.Anatomy and types of coat

10.Standard Cuts

11 Check lists and Grooming tips and how to start a pet grooming business


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