Exotic Animal Care

Exotic Animal Care

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If you are passionate about exotic animals or looking to work with exotic animals, then this is the course you would want to do. If you are planning to enter this line of work, then this course would provide you with all the necessary details you should be knowing about exotic animals and their care. Upon completion of this course, you will have a thorough and comprehensive learning experience of the subject. The course covers different aspects of handling exotic animals. It includes details of their behavior, housing, diet and nutrition, and medical conditions that require special care. It briefly introduces you to the different species in exotic animals and their peculiarities.  It also discusses the best ways of handling exotic animals. In short, the course covers different aspects of handling exotic animals in detail.


Introduction to exotic animals

Zoonotic Diseases

Exotic Animals- Introduction to small mammals

Small Mammals as Exotic animals- Ferrets     

Small Mammals as Exotic pets – Rabbits

Small Mammals as Exotic pets – Guinea Pigs

Avian as Exotic Pets

Exotic Pets – Reptiles

Exotic Pets- Amphibians

Exotic Pets- Scorpions

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