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Pet Care diploma
Animals are living creatures which have equal rights like us in this world. Human beings have the habit of domesticating some of the animals. It is a system which gives mutual gains. It gives pleasure to the human beings and promises the timely fulfillment of the animals’ needs. Animals have physical, emotional and sexual needs which are to be fulfilled. They are not able to communicate their needs in the ways that we do. They have their own ways of communicating their needs in a specific language. We should learn and try to interpret the possible meanings of our pets’ language in order to understand their problems.Domesticating pets is not as simple as it may sound. It is the owner who should ensure that the pets are healthy and satisfied. There are different ways to train the animals to make them obey us. However, we don’t have any right to bully them for not obeying.This pet care diploma course deals with caring for pets. It gives you the specific information about the common pet animals like dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, birds and fish. We should know about the normal behavior of our pets for recognizing any change in them. After learning this course you would be able to know the normal patterns of behavior in these animals, their different needs, providing an adequate living environment for them and keeping them healthy always.We should be careful while selecting a specific animal as our pet. We must have adequate knowledge about the animal before taking it to our home. Otherwise, it can make their life and ours unsatisfactory. Those who have no spare time shouldn’t devote time for pets. Keeping a pet is a great responsibility. The pet care diploma course also informs you about the diseases which affect the pet and also which can spread to human beings. It will help you make a good master in all aspects.
1.Normal dog behavior
2.Dog’s way of communication
3.A dog’s emotions
4.Normal cat behavior
5.Abnormal behavior in cats
6.Feline Communication
7.Cat care and health
8.Rabbits and Guinea pigs
9.Specific information on birds
10.Specific information on fish


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