Buddhism Diploma

The Buddhism Diploma Course will help you to gain an insight into Buddhism, understand the subject, learn about its founder – Gautama Buddha, and comprehend how Buddhism has grown worldwide as a concept on how to study one’s inner self and learn mindful kindness towards others. By taking the Buddhism Diploma Course, you will study about the Buddha’s personal history and his journey towards Enlightenment. You will study how his own strenuous journey to free the mind, body and spirit of emotions and his personal experiences helped him to form a philosophy that was his personal pathway to serenity or Nirvana. Over the centuries, many scriptures with detailed descriptions of the teachings of Buddha have been filtered down into simple disciplines that are commonly followed in all Buddhist monasteries and communities. Though the study of these disciplines may seem a bit challenging, it is worthwhile to study his teachings about The Four Noble Truths and The Eight-fold Pathway(both are covered in the Buddhism Diploma Course) as they are the base on which his teachings are built upon. Irrespective of whether you are a person looking for an introduction to Buddhism in order to practice it for yourself or thinking of studying it from a purely academic point of view, the Buddhism Diploma Course is a great place to start. The theoretical and practical sessions of the Diploma will help you to learn the concepts of Buddhism and how Buddha’s preaching’s can be put into practice in your own life for your own benefit as well as to help others. Fundamentally, Buddhism is a set of tools that have evolved over hundreds of years in India, Japan, China and all over Asia. These tools are of more importance in today’s life as anxiety has become a part and parcel of today’s life. This course, while introducing you to Buddhism teaches you how Buddhist disciplines can help you to develop happiness, peace, love, contentment and equanimity so that the challenges you come upon in your day to day life can be effectively dealt with.

What you will learn
1.Introduction to Buddhism
2.The main branches of Buddhism
3.The Life of Buddha
4.Four Noble Truths
5.Mental development and Wisdom
6.Reflecting on the law of karma
8.Dependent Origination
9.Esoteric Words and Phrases


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