Identity Theft Prevention

Identity Theft Prevention



Identity Theft Prevention Diploma

Identity theft is a fraudulent practice of using someone else’s name or personal information to obtain money or goods in that person’s name. Anyone is a potential target of identity theft and that includes even children. Even celebrities like Robert De Niro and Oprah Winfrey have been victims of identity theft.

Most of the identity theft can be prevented by taking precautions like protecting and safeguarding your personal information to make yourself a hard target. In the era of internet, information of all kinds is available at a click of a button. Personal information is being shared through emails and social networking sites making everyone who doesn’t practice discretion a soft target.

Identity Theft Prevention Diploma aims to spread awareness among people on what identity theft is and how identity thieves obtain personal information of others. By providing insights into the working of identity thieves, Identity Theft Prevention Diploma tries to educate you regarding the prevention methods to be followed so that you do not fall prey to scams or fraudulent practices of identity thieves.


Unit 1- Understanding Identity Theft

Unit 2- Anti-Identity Theft Precautions and Guidelines

Unit 3- Recognizing Common Signs of Identity Theft

Unit 4- Looking Into Financial Statements

Unit 5- Keeping Tabs on Sensitive Information

Unit 6- Watching What You Discard

Unit 7- Practicing Discretion in Public Places

Unit 8- Becoming Familiar with the Methods of Identity Thieves

Unit 9- Buying Online and Some Common Online Threats

Unit 10- Staying Safe from Online Threats


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