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Criminal Psychology

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Criminal Psychology Diploma

An ideal method of gaining a Diploma in Criminal Psychology is by taking a distance learning course. You may wish to go for further education or improve your job prospects or simply expand your boundaries of knowledge. Whatever be your requirement, the distance learning Criminal Psychology diploma is the best option. It gives you the flexibility, convenience and the freedom to pursue a fruitful career through home study. Criminal Psychology is a completely comprehensive course that requires no prior knowledge.

Criminal Psychology is that branch of psychology which deals independently with the different aspects of the psychology of the criminal including criminal behaviour and other related aspects such as law, punishment and rehabilitation.

The Criminal Psychology Diploma examines the workings of criminal minds and what makes them commit a crime in the first place. Criminal Psychology delves deep into the psychology of criminal behaviour. A certain overlap may occur between the terms Forensic Psychology and Criminal Psychology. The fact, however, is that both are interlinked. .

It is for this reason that we will attempt to understand every aspect of the life of a criminal during the course and also provide an introduction to the various aspects of Forensic Psychology. The course begins with the possible developmental and bio-psychosocial causes of criminal behaviour in relation to the crime itself, move on to the role that psychology plays in the investigative process and finish with a brief discussion on the impact psychology has within the criminal justice system.

The topics covered during the course vary from theories of crime to the minute and detailed examination of the different types of crime. It also take a look at the profiling techniques and other investigative tools like interviewing and lie detection. Various topics that come within legal psychology, which are considered to be a sub-discipline of both Criminal Psychology and Forensic Psychology, are covered in the final phase of the course.

Introduction to Criminal psychology
Offender profiling and linking crime
Interviewing suspects and witnesses
Detecting deception
Forensic linguistics
punishment and offenders

4 reviews for Criminal Psychology

  1. Conor Barratt
    5 out of 5

    Really simple course and it teaches you a lot. Well worth the money and you get a free certificate to say you completed the course!

  2. Sydney Dunn
    5 out of 5

    it gives a good starting base and insight to go on to study more. well worth the money and was simple to follow and complete. i enjoyed being able to pick up and do in my own time frame.

  3. Renata Vasiliauskiene
    5 out of 5

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  4. Yaser Musa
    4 out of 5

    i am very happy to complete this course and i am looking forward to finish the others. also i need to apply for hard paper certificate for all the courses i did.

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