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Foot Care Practitioner

Foot Care Practitioner



Foot Care Practitioner Diploma

The most satisfying feeling in life is to be able to take care of others. The foot care practitioner diploma gives you a chance to fulfil this. The foot is often neglected, even though it is a complex part of the human body. It is known that in a lifetime, we walk as much as 3 rounds of the earth and with each step, we place two and a half times our body mass on 52 bones (26 for each foot). Going by these statistics, we can deduce that although our feet are strong but like an appliance part, can be sensitive to stress or injury if used beyond its capability. This is when podiatrists step in. Even when there is little wrong with the feet, certain factors may hamper people from taking care of them. Stiffness in the knees, hip joint pains, arthritis etc. may restrain access to the feet. However, other issues such as corn, flat-foot, nodules, blisters and inflammation, structural flaw and even nail conditions can be cured minus any medical intervention or surgical procedure. Then there are some people who understand the importance of keeping their body parts in prime condition. They often take the assistance of a foot health expert who is a professional, adept at providing care, treatment and advice for achieving happy feet.This course consists of 10 sessions of theory teaching, which can be pursued from home. This Foot Care Practitioner diploma by Elearn college not only nourishes you with a complete foundation in foot anatomy, diagnosis and care, but also helps you with all the support and information you need to start up your own venture in this area. You can establish a flourishing practice by setting up your own foot health clinic, work from home or even take up the mobile practice of visiting clients in their homes.

What you will learn
1: Foot Health Practitioner an Introduction
2: Anatomy of the ankle and foot
3:Common Foot Disorders
4:Nails and Related Pathologies
5:Peripheral Neuropathy and Diabetes
6: Podiatry Equipment and Instruments
7 :Foot Terminologies
8 :First Aid Basics
9: How to setup your own business