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Educational psychology



Educational psychology Diploma

Educational psychology relates to the manner in which students learn and develop. It focuses on aspects such as diversity and development in education. Educational psychology is the base upon which the method of teaching is built. And it is essential to hone the skills of trainers and teachers in their profession.Educational psychology gives a foundation for trainers and teachers to organize their teaching job in a coherent and more professional manner. It also helps them evaluate the learning process of each student.The educational system gives a whole lot of chances for psychologists. Since most of crucial emotional issues happen in the life of a child’s formative years, most of the primary schools hire psychologists who are equipped in clinical psychology, child development, education and an ability assess a child’s emotional and learning problems.

After thoroughly consulting with teachers and parents they come with plans to help the children in and out of the classroom. The Online Educational Psychology Course provides deeper understanding into human learning, such as the methods to understand, learn, motivate, etc. It shows the relevance of an approach that is based on evidence in educational psychology and the obstructions it faces in reality. It also discusses concepts like instructional psychology, intelligence, inclusion, etc. Also, the course gives detailed information on matters of school phobia, dyslexia, classroom behaviour, autism, bullying, etc.Educational psychology helps educators to understand various learning and teaching situations and the various abilities, needs, interests, and intelligence of the students or learners. This helps them better their own instructional approaches and skills in such a way that improves the learning processes and experiences. This Educational psychology Diploma equips students with better ideas on educational psychology, its models, practices, theories, approaches and methods. This helps them identify and adapt workable learning and teaching approaches. The course can be ideal for those who are eager to get an idea as to how people take in and keep information. This Educational psychology Diploma course can also be pursued by those who aspire to become educators.


1 – Introduction to Educational Psychology
2 – Learning, Cognition, and Memory
3 – Learning in Context
4 – Complex Cognitive Processes
5 – Cognitive Development
6 – Motivation and Affect
7 – Personal, Social, and Moral Development
8 – Instructional Strategies
9 – Strategies for Creating an Effective Classroom Environment
10 – Assessment Strategies


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