Classroom Behavior management

Classroom Behavior management



Classroom Behavior management Diploma

Classroom behavior is the stimulus-driven responses by the students happening within the classroom. In other words, it deals with the behavior of students in response to what is happening around them within the classroom. Classroom behavior can be seen as either positive or negative. Positive classroom behavior encompasses discipline, attentiveness and participation whereas negative classroom behavior includes aggression, disobedience and passivity.Poor classroom behavior is linked to poor academic performance and that is why classroom behavior management is an important area in educational institutions. Classroom management is mainly behavior modification by teachers to promote positive classroom behavior and discourage negative classroom behavior.How a teacher manages a classroom can have a great impact on the classroom behavior of students and this has led to great emphasis on effective management. Classroom behavior management diploma focuses on various skills and techniques the teachers can employ to keep students academically productive throughout the class. After completing Classroom behavior management diploma course you will be able to foster a classroom culture that encourages academic achievement, maximizes academic progress and enable students to have productive and stimulating experiences that they will learn from and never forget. Classroom behavior management diploma is an important course for professors, lecturers, teachers and everyone with a teaching-related job.


1.Moulding Behaviour in Classrooms
2.Socializing Children
3.Rules, Boundaries and Consistency
4.Planning for Learning – 1
5.Planning for Learning – 2
6.Using Praise
7.Eliminating Low-Level Disruption
8.Creating Engagement
9.Building Rapport
10.Common Problems and Scenarios


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