Eating Disorder Awareness

Eating Disorder Awareness



Eating Disorder Awareness Diploma

All around the globe, health groups are working continuously to promote awareness of eating disorders among the populace. But the sad truth remains that common eating disorders are prevalent and is at its highest till date. Although the lives of the majority of people of all age groups are affected by eating disorders, they were given the recognition of being a genuine illness only recently. It is very difficult for an affected person to accept that they have an eating disorder. A greater challenge can be acquiring the courage to seek help for the problem. Regardless, those who know about eating disorders and have studied them thoroughly are trying to change the lives of affected people for the better, all around the world. A person who looks forward to becoming a professional in the field of diet and nutrition cannot neglect eating disorders and the enormous health implications that accompany it. This Eating Disorder Awareness Diploma is the best option for those who wish to understand better the causes, consequences and possible treatment methods available for common eating disorders. Study in detail about some reasons for eating disorders to manifest in a person along with the preventive measures that are most effective. Learn about bulimia nervosa, anorexia nervosa, binge eating disorder and other eating disorders. Learn and understand how a positive impact is being made on the lives of many people who are battling eating disorders all around the world.

What You Will Learn

 1:Understanding Eating Disorders
 2:Anorexia Nervosa
 3:Bulimia Nervosa
 4:Understanding Binge Eating Disorder
 5:Eating Disorder Risk Factors
 6:Looking At Recovery
 7:Considering The Treatment Options
 8:Finding The Treatment Approach