Dream Analysis

Dream Analysis



Dream Analysis Diploma

Dreams have always intrigued man. Since times immemorial man has believed that it foretells future and also gives a glance into the past. The subconscious mind stores a lot of memories; basically it keeps a record of everything that happens in a person’s life. It is this subconscious mind from where dreams originate. Dream analysis or interpretation is the process of understanding and assigning meaning to dreams.Elearn college dream analysis diploma course has been specially designed to provide explanations about dreams and what can be interpreted from them. Dream analysis diploma is aimed to assist individuals to understand their dreams and sleep process. It will also be immensely helpful to the therapists trying to help and provide logical explanations to their patients who are looking for justification for their dream episodes. The dream analysis diploma is beneficial for students who wish to gain insights about the various methods of dream analysis and its usefulness in trying to comprehend the subconscious mind.


1.Dream Analysis – Understanding the Practice
2.Understanding Sleep
3.Dreams Mistaken for Reality
4.The History of Dreams
5.Psychology and Dreams
7.Interpreting Dreams
8.Types of Dreams