Child Psychology Diploma

Child Psychology Diploma



The study of the psychological processes of children is called Child psychology or child development. The study focuses on how the psychological processes of children differ from that of adults, the development of a child from its birth to adolescence and how and why each child is different from one another. Child psychology is a branch of developmental psychology.

Childhood happens to be the simple but complicated and influential time in an individual’s life. A majority of person’s childhood has a major impact on the kind of adults they become in life. Hence child psychology concentrates on the development and behaviour of children. Mental and emotional well-being and development, social skills, milestones etc. are the other areas dealt by child psychology.

This Diploma in Child Psychology will equip your with skills required to help children reach their full potential to become happy and balanced adults. Diploma in Child Psychology is the apt course to choose if you are interested in acquiring knowledge about how a child’s mind works and why they react to certain situations as they do.

This course in Child Psychology will help you understand how children develop in terms with social interaction. You can go for this course if you’re interested in a career in child psychology or simply interested in this subject of child psychology.


1. Introduction to Child Psychology

2. Cognitive Theory

3. Psychoanalytical Theory

4. Behaviourism

5. Maslow’s Hierarchy of Human Needs

6. Rogerian Theory

7. Adlerian Theory

8. Social Psychology

9. Ecological Systems Theory

10. Applications of Child Psychology


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