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How To Become A Nail Technician

December 16,2019

Nail Technician

How To Become A Nail Technician

Manicuring was once an indulgence only the rich could afford. Today, with salons rising all over, anybody with a decent income can afford a manicure. This has made manicuring a viable profession. One only needs to visit a salon for proof of how this craft is increasingly being seen as a profession in itself, with many booking appointments well in advance.

While working at a professional salon, maybe the most popular one in your area, might give you experience and help you improve your skills, you could even consider starting your own salon, which will give you better flexibility with timing.

The most basic equipment required for a manicurist would be nail extensions, which are available in the plenty and at varying price ranges, and a comfortable couch for your customer to sit on. When buying nail extensions, it is generally advised that you don’t compromise on quality by going for cheap products. Customers expect the best result for the price they pay, and it is only fair that you do justice to it. The last you’d want for your fledgling business is an unhappy spreading word that your services are of poor quality. Besides, when you use acrylic and gel nail extensions, you want to make sure that they are of good quality, else there are chances that your customer’s manicure might disintegrate in a matter of days, or worse, he/she might end up with a fungal infection.

The most indispensable part of your business will be your training. Countries like the UK and US make it mandatory for manicurists to possess a valid license, for which you must have undergone training from a recognised institution. But why learn manicuring from an institute, you may ask. Because where you learn your craft from does matter. A bad manicure job harms not only your customer’s fingernails but also your future prospects in the business.

So the best way to start would be to find a reliable training centre whose certificate is valid for a license, and with a basic investment, you’re ready to start rolling!

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The art of Nail care goes back to nearly 1000 years. Keeping nails clean and tidy shows that a person takes care of himself or herself well. Well-kept nails with colours also are a mark of dignity. People from Egypt and China used to colour their nails with red and black colours and believed that to be the symbol of power and authority. According to the statistics, Annual beauty spending is £876 for women and £711 for men in UK. Trending nail styles in United Kingdom include Solid-coloured gel-polish manicures. Top-end spas, medium-range salons, economy salons; nails-only salons/nail bars offer trendy popular brands. The nail saloons have geared up. The spending on nails has burgeoned over the years with statistics show that bottles worth £284 million has been spent. An interesting fact is that, the number of nail polish bottles sold last year has crossed the number of lipsticks sold!

Nail Technician

Studies show that even during times of financial crisis people find a way to spend on cosmetics in a limited manner. Style plays a role in a person’s confidence. To look professional, to gain pleasant spirit as a resemblance of an elegant style, women take care of their nails accordingly along with other styling tips. Nail art has gained momentum in today’s era. The new media and such social media are the ones charging mostly out of the concept of Impressive Self-Presentation. This craze of the mob ends up within the beauty parlours and salons around the area. If you are looking for an extra income or even if you have to find out a new job, take a look here! How it would be to become a Nail Technician.

How to work as a Nail Technician?

The work of a nail technician is not just polishing, painting and filling up the nails. There is a big crowd who have a great longing for artificial nails, and other beautifying activities on the nails including conditioning by removing one and applying a new one. Therefore it is not a small deal. Apart from traditional nail treatments such as manicure and pedicures customers now demand for gemstones, glittering in the nails. They also have to guide the customers with proper tips on nail health and care about skin problems like calluses.

How good it is to work as a Nail Technician?

To help others look nice is very interesting. You will never get bored of working as a nail technician as you get different pair of hands and you move on with the changing trends as well.   Even though you have some regular customers, you will not have strict working hours, you can start your own nail beautifying parlours. You also have the opportunity to experiment with variety of designs, blend in various colours for new styles. The industry is fast growing with new trends in nail art emerging every day. You have the opportunity to keep learning every day and also to contribute to the trend as well. At Elearn college we trust your interests and we extend our help towards you to earn your living out of your passion.

How to become a Nail Technician?

A major step to build a career as a Nail Technician is to go for a professional course programme for this. Elearn College offers Special Distance Education Programme which helps you to provide the best customer service as a Nail Technician with proper code of Conduct.

The prime thing that you have to consider is the health of the nails that come before you. Ensure safe practices by taking care of nail disorders or skin diseases.

The syllabus of the Nail Technician Course at Elearn College includes techniques of Pedicures and Manicures and also the usage of Gel and Acrylic on nails. The course at Elearn College helps you to set up a nail parlour of your own and have customers there or at home customer service. The modules also include applying tip, maintenance with fills and sleek finishes.

Where will the career take you?

With the completion of the course you possess the ability to put up your own nail bars. You can start with basic services and then move on to specialized nail arts for various events such as marriages, programmes at schools, parties etc. Once you become an expert nail technician, you can increase your services by using airbrushes, nail decorations etc. You may also add other beautifying services later. You can even start training for people and help newcomers to the field. Once you prove your talent, you can even become a well-known figure in the fashion world through the media. You will even have the potential to become a celebrity in the fashion industry with your own style specifications in the nail art and become a branded nail parlour professional.

Once you have completed your course, you will become eligible for Membership in associations of Professional beauty Therapists Group along with benefits of guidelines and advise for business. Though you will be able to earn a basic pay of £16,500, your ability will let you earn even more up to £25,000

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“I would call it a Turning point- My choice to join for the Nail Technician Course at Elearn College. We had a very supporting faculty service, with less strain. We were instructed correctly on how to go through. I now have a confident profession in my hand I will be soon an entrepreneur of a nail parlour. I recommend nail technician Course of Elearn College for everyone loving to become a nail technician.”

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