Essential Wedding Planning Tips

November 13,2019

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Essential Wedding Planning Tips

Allow us to offer our congratulations first!! If you haven’t started to glow in the aura of a newly engaged couple, we recommend you to enjoy that unique feeling first of all. Questions about your plans & the little details regarding the wedding (even ones you might have not thought of yet) will arise from your family and friends alike. Be honest and without apprehension let them know that you are, right now, reveling in this special feeling and enjoying the special moments together. And when the two of you decide it is time to start the wedding preparations, do make sure to avail the services of a wedding planner or online wedding planning company. Below are mentioned a few steps to make sure that your wedding plans go smoothly without any glitches.

Wedding Planner and Events Management

Stay Organized

The first rule requires no further explanations. If you have all the boxes ticked, the lesser the odds that your plans get kicked. We would recommend using a Wedding planner & organizer if you are that someone who likes to have all their plans down in writing. We recommend you leave nothing out of it. Include everything - ideas, timelines, places, receipts, important dates etc. For the more tech savvy couples, we recommend the various amazing apps which work as good as any binder to meet every requirement of your wedding planning- even guest lists, tending to fashion inspirations and even the website detailing.

Have a Personal Checklist

Make a wedding planning checklist so that you have an idea of what your tasks will be from month to month. Setting to-do dates that are not practical straight from the beginning may become too stressful which is a situation we are looking to avoid. Rather, request the help of a wedding planner to make do with the timelines & tasks. We know that trying to do as many tasks as possible in the initial few months would seem like a nightmare, but, believe us when we say you will be thankful when you get to relax in the last couple of months.

Have a separate time in a week to Plan

Set aside a couple of days a week completely to plan on the wedding or choose a few tasks everyday if you can't set aside a whole day. Another good idea is to plan along with your partner. The element of confusion can also be avoided with this, for ex: the groom thinking that negotiating for hall rentals falls on his list, while the bride may already have chosen something that suits their needs. You can browse online event management companies or wedding planner’s site’s to gain some inspiration, or find out local vendors or just book a venue. It would be a great help toward the end if you have a clear idea on the time allocation of the wedding.

Delegate and Execute

The involvement of the groom & the bride in every step together is the best way to deal with wedding plans. Initially, have a list of things to be done and then delegate each task to one another depending on each other’s convenience. Do this so that both of you get equal tasks to do. And do clever division of tasks, like, if your groom is not keen on what flowers you carry - chuck it from his list. Or maybe, the bride is not choosy about the suit the groom wears( we hope!). But after it is divided and things are getting done, make sure that both of you share the details of what has been done with each other. And also, take care to communicate so that certain things are not repeated. When the wedding plan is done, be sure to create your wedding website. It’s fun to share the happiest day of your life with all your loved ones.

Be Flexible & Fair

Ushers in top hats and tails was not what you wanted at your wedding. Or maybe, lemon with pecan icing was not the wedding cake your partner preferred. There are many such things that might bring about small differences in opinion, hence be flexible. Be prepared to bend away from individual likes a little. Only if something really has your inner-self objecting it should be voiced out. This might come up frequently while deciding on the guest list and budget. This is where taking the help of a wedding guest list planner and wedding budget calculator from any online wedding plan site would help you and also allow you to check out all your choices.

Wedding Planner and Events Management

Details, Contracts & Negotiations

Every detail & expectations should be made clear to the wedding professionals like caterers, florists, etc in the initial discussions with them. We do not want anything short of our expectations, right? And after a deal is set, you have to make sure that a contract is prepared mentioning the dates, time & place. Spell out each detail. This isn't about you being a difficult client but about making sure that you pay for and receive exactly what you expect and everything makes your day just spectacular. Negotiate cleverly to get the best deal for goods & services, but don't go too far and try to get better rates just for the sake of it. Some things are worth the price they tag and you should be smart enough to identify that.

Lastly, have a thorough read through on the contract before signing it & also know the cancellation policies and charges. And also check if there is a buffer period to cancel the event - this is just in case you have second thoughts about the service or vendor or in the worst you need to postpone the wedding.

Cheers & all the best !

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