Tips for doing a course in Elearning Platforms

August 3,2022


Introduction to Elearning Platforms

In today's world, one of the most efficient and easy ways to learn any subject of your choice is by opting for an online course on Elearning platforms. When we say easy, one should understand that though it is a hassle-free method, it requires your complete dedication and application of mind. Above all, E-learning, like any other method, requires proper discipline and self-motivation. You should be committed to learning and willing to complete your assignments on time. If you plan to take up a course in Elearning platforms, here are some tips to help you stay focused on the learning Course.  

Time management

 One of the essential requirements is that you should be able to manage your time well to complete a course successfully on Elearning platforms. The key to good time management, of course, is better planning. Plan and set aside dedicated time for your course. Keeping a timetable is one of the options available for you. This will also enhance your self-discipline. Once you start the online course, good time management will help you finish your assignments on time. 

Technical side

 Before starting a course on Elearning platforms, you must ensure good Internet connectivity. Proper backup of course material and assignments are necessary. Get used to easy cloud computing methods like dropbox or Google documents, which will help you save content online. Saving study resources online will also make the recovery of these documents easily from your smartphone or tablet if needed. Don't forget to save the instructor's contact information in your email or phone. 

Study space

 Before joining a course on Elearning platforms, you should have a dedicated study space. One that will help you stay focused and enhance your learning skills. Always keep the study space clean and tidy. Keep a separate book or notepad for writing down important points. If you prefer to read offline or it helps you to understand better, always take printouts of your online study materials. Keep the study materials in proper order for easy access.

Elearning Platforms

 Learning methods

  We discussed the need to keep a proper timetable. This will help you stay focused. Also, a timetable in your room will serve as a reminder. It may also help as friends or family members visiting you will understand your study hours and will not disturb you during that time. When learning, read required materials and always take notes. Do revisions every week. Also, please write down your doubts on paper to clear them when you meet the instructor online. Never be hesitant to clear your doubts. Clearing doubts instantly will help you to be a quick learner. Always participate in online discussions and open forums in the area of interest. Be active in forums which discuss the subject you are pursuing. 

Set a target

 Once you start your distance learning, fix small objectives and big goals to accomplish. It will serve as a roadmap for you and help shape the career of your choice. Identify and write down the objectives. Divide them into short-term and long-term goals. Each week go through it and identify whether you have reached the short-term goals or have been doing adequate learning to achieve them. Making notes and opening a file to keep documents that may help you reach your goals is one way of reaching your goal. Always remember nothing comes easy, and also, nothing is too difficult. Be committed and stay focused on your goals to reap success. 

From the conventional mode of classroom education, distance learning mandates an active role from students. If a student communicates face-to-face with teachers in the classroom in e-learning, one has to rely on course materials. Rather than just jotting notes, the student should put in extra effort to reap success. This means students should be proactive and work to achieve the best results. 

Understand the syllabus well

The syllabus is the main guide when doing a course on Elearning platforms. Once you have access to the syllabus, you should download and save it. You should read it carefully and try to understand what will happen in the course. Taking a printout and filing it is a good practice that you should follow. Always check the reference books or links of published works accompanying the syllabus. In that way, you can become an expert in your chosen subject. You can use the syllabus as a roadmap for the course. 

Complete assignments on time 

While doing a course on Elearning platforms, there are hardly any excuses for not submitting your assignment work. Unlike classroom- learning, you should give more importance to assignments. Remember that you are not going to regular college and do not treat homework as burdensome. As you are studying from home, every work you do in the course is, in fact, homework for you. So make it a regular practice to complete your assignments on time, which will help you efficiently progress in your chosen subject. Also, don't forget that your assignments have a digital timestamp, and your teachers will assess your learning effort based on the timestamp of your assignment submission. 

Take extra effort to follow online resources. 

Most courses in Elearning platforms use an online learning system. Some of it may be customised in-house course management software. Your course provider or instructor may post additional learning resources. As a student, you should follow the updates regularly. Once you access the e-learning software, get used to it and check all its features. 

Always come up with new ideas.

Be confident about your ability to learn. Also, you should develop self-confidence in your ideas by contributing and active discussions in open forums. Do not worry about your ideas being rejected. Come up with a new one always and be confident about it. Remember that a good learner is a good reader and a patient listener. Always be a seeker of knowledge and collect all possible materials regarding your chosen area. This may help you in future too. 

Don't succumb to peer pressure. 

Your peers may be college regulars or pursuing distance learning like you. In the competitive environment, be prepared for peer competition, and instead of succumbing to peer pressure, be wise enough to build constructive relationships with your peers. It would help if you always tried cultivating a positive relationship with fellow students. Be it in a discussion limiting to those studying the same course or in an online discussion forum about the topic you are studying, always make sure that your posts are constructive. There may be different viewpoints but always fact-check and make your assertion based on facts. Always try to respect others' ideas and respect the viewpoints of others. Always encourage others, which is also a measure of your character and self-confidence in your chosen work area. 

Set a long-term goal 

Set a long-term goal in your life. Remember that the course you're pursuing will make your steps towards your goal much easier. One of the keys to reaching your goal is to become organised. You should not just limit yourself in putting a timetable on the work desk; rather, you actively follow the fixed time management and make the timetable part of your regular life. 


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